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How To: Play Hai Guzarish piano chords for the telugu song

Are you looking to play Hai Guzarish? Come on, who isn't!? Well, this clear, straight forward how-to walks you step by step, note by note and chord by chord through this classic song. Stop pounding your head trying to figure out how to play this song and just watch this instructional music video. You'll impress your friends, family and total strangers when you pull out this little diddy. Once you learn this you'll know one more set of chords for telugu songs.

How To: Learn 12 bar blues on the keyboard

If you're looking to learn 12 bar blues on the keyboard, this short but simple video will show you the steps. 12 bar blues is an invaluable thing to know as a musician. You can play it on keys, (obviously) and it's been famously played on guitar for more than a century. Once you learn 12 bar blues, you'll be able to play literally thousands of songs, or, have the foundation to right your own. Get learning, and get blue today! Oh I'm feeling so blue...

How To: Do minor to minor transposition when composing music

D minor may be the saddest chord ever, but where do you go from there? In this comphrensive lesson by Andrew Furmanczyk, you'll learn how to do minor to minor transposition to bump up your musical composition skills to a whole new level. If you can't sing it, or don't want to play it in the key the song is in, you need to watch this. Try it and make your sadness go to 11!