How To: Replace Piano Keytops

Replace Piano Keytops

Piano keytops can become worn or broken. Replacing them with new keytops isn't as difficult a task as some would think. In the demonstration video you can see how the keytops are replaced and the materials needed in order to complete the job. Having the right supplies and information can make this piano repair job achievable.

Step 1: Remove Keys from Piano

Make sure you keep the in order as it is hard to piece them back together if they get all mixed up. It is best if you number the keys in case they get out of order for some reason.

Step 2: Remove the Old Keytops

Remove the old keytops using a sharp chisel or a knife.

Step 3: Lightly Sand

Lightly sand the key surface to make sure all the old glue residue Is removed and that there is a smooth surface for the new keytops.

Step 4: Apply the Glue

Spread a thin layer of PVC-E glue on the surface and front of the key.

Step 5: Position and Clamp New Keytop

Make sure the sides of the keytop line up with the sides of the key. If the key is a little big make sure the excess keytop hangs over in the sharp natch as this is the easiest area to file and have it look good.

Step 6: Let Glue Dry and File Edges for a Perfect Fit

Let dry overnight. Using a flat metal file, you can smooth any overhang to make the keytop a custom fit to your keys.

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