How To: Strengthen your 4th & 5th fingers with piano exercises

Strengthen your 4th & 5th fingers with piano exercises

If you are looking to improve your piano technique then this how to video is the place to start. You will learn how to strengthen your fourth and fifth fingers with this easy piano exercise. The fourth and fifth fingers are often the weakest fingers when playing piano. You must learn to strengthen then so you can play piano better. This exercise also improves the extension between the ring finger and the pinky finger. This is a great exercise for beginner to advanced students. With this tutorial you will be able to gain strength in your fourth and fifth finger with this piano exercise.

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What a useless tutorial!!! Firstly, the guy's English is TERRIBLE!!! I can't understand a word he's saying. The camera angles is bad so I can't see they keys he's playing and he's playing too fast. It looks to me like he's just trying to show off instead of teach. I'll never watch any piano tutorial videos of this again, EVER!!

I like the exercise, but my fourth finger is not that strong enough to this. How I can strengthen it. Right now, when I try to play 1,3, and 5 fingers on both hands the fourth finger goes with them. I have no control over the finger on either hand. HELP !!!!!

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