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Above I have posted a link to one of my all time favorite videos, how to be a musician by Ambition Films, although currently the video does not have a large fan base it provides accurate how to information along with some comedy, in the video the main facts listed of being a musician are:

Be prepared and on time.
Always wear sunglasses ( a joke referring to how a large part of being a musician is about your appearance and style).
Improvisation to switch up your sound and keep it sounding new.
Play multiple instruments, don't be a one trick pony!
Have an accent ( another joke based on how musicians tend to gain larger amounts of popularity in foreign countries).

Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice, the segment demonstrating this shows the co-host Frigus Cantico practicing his everywhere including bizarre locations such as a trampoline, a kiddie pool and a roof.

DID YOU KNOW: The main characters names are derived from Latin, Dolor meaning smart(or pain depending on source) and Frigus Cantico meaning Cool Song

This video was written by a fifteen-year-old! (Frigus)

The actor who played "Proffesor Dolor" is commonly labeled as a music prodigy and can play over 20 instruments fluently.

Both actors are in several different bands.

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Or you could just be yourself and stop trying to be another artist. Originality is the key. Do you think Mozart would be as famous as he is if there was someone exactly like him? Or Nirvana, or James Brown?

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