How To: Start reading sheet music for the piano

Start reading sheet music for the piano

In this tutorial, we learn how to start reading sheet music for the piano. To be able to read the notes, you need to visualize what you are doing on the piano. A good starting point is the middle C on the keyboard. For a piano, you have horizontal lines in two sets on the sheet of paper. These lines are called "staffs" and the vertical lines are the "bar lines". The sections are called "measures". The top of those staffs is all the notes above the middle c. The bottom is all the notes below middle 'c'. If you put a line in between with a circle, this will mean the middle 'c'. If you go up a set you will be on the first line of the top staff, to the 'e'. Once you start to understand how to read music notes, you will play quicker, enjoy!

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