How To: Play "Trouble" by Coldplay on piano

Play "Trouble" by Coldplay on piano

Watch this piano tutorial video to learn how to play Coldplay's "Trouble" on the piano. These instructions are very detailed, including transcribed music, and are best suited for intermediate students who can read music. This helpful how-to video will help you play Coldplay's "Trouble" like Chris Martin himself in no time.

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I really enjoyed your Coldplay "Trouble" particularly in the way you took the time to transcribe and explain each measure-very helpful to us novice players and readers. I was wondering if you would be intersted in transcribing Chopin's Nocturne "G" minor OP.15 NO.3 There is a scene in the movie "Deer Hunter" in which it's played and I'm looking to learn how to play...

enjoyed ur coldplay and finally i can play with the simple way you taught.

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