How To: Play "That's just the way it is" on the piano

Play "That's just the way it is" on the piano

If you would like to play "That's Just the Way it is" on the piano you first should realize this song is in the key of G! The phrase that starts this song first starts with A minor then goes to E minor. Next, go to D and down to a C and to a G then back to A minor. That is the first phrase of the song. Continue to practice this phrase. Now to start the chorus, you should play a G on the left hand and then A , B, G and go to the F on the left hand with G, A, F. When you go to the C it's just D, E, G. You'll want to do these in fifths. You'll want to push your left hand to go faster. These two phrases give you the song. If you want to solo use those chord progression to improvise and change it. For instance, you could move the chords up a little higher. You can improvise on this same chord progression throughout the song to mix this up. You can practice this first slowly, going through the chords and then you can build up speed. If you can reach on your left hand you can use tenths through out the song. Improvise throughout with the notes in each chord when you are ready. You can also play using octaves. Now you can play 'The Way it Is'! Enjoy!

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