How To: Play polyrhythms on the piano

Play polyrhythms on the piano

Polyrhythm is the simultaneous sounding of two or more independent rhythms. A common example of a polyrhythm is 3 notes against 2, with the 3 beat pattern being faster than the 2 beat pattern, so that they both take the same amount of time. This how to video teaches the polyrhythmic structures of 2 against 3 and 3 against 4. This is a technique for the advanced musician and pianist. Watch this how to video and you will finally figure out the mystery behind playing polyrhythms.

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I have been working on such rhythms for many years now. First was practicing using a metronome and analyzing how three fit against four. Took several years and I got to where I could feel the rhythms. Sometimes I do even a group of 13 in one hand and 9 in the other. Have never found anyone who does this, but would like to. I can do all the various combinations like 7 over 5 and 4 over 7 as well.

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