How To: Play One Republic "Apologize"

Play One Republic "Apologize"

Viewers learn to play One Republic "Apologize" with this video. The whole song rotates through C, A-flat, B-flat, and B. Repeats though the whole song. First part plays with the C octave-G, C, E-flat, 5-1-3-1 fingers. Second part: Move down to A-flat with left and with the right play A-flat, C, F. Same fingering. Move up to E-flat. E-flat, E-flat G. Same fingering. Roll from F to E-flat. Next, move left to D, B-flat, D and F. Same fingering. One time. Roll from E-flat to D. Next, play C, A-flat, E-flat, and D. No new notes. G, C, E-flat. Rotate to C, E-flat, and G. Play this four times. Move left to A-flat. A-flat, C, F using the same pattern. Up to E-flat, B-flat, G. Same pattern. Fourth part plays D chord, B-flat, D, F. Last part-play E-flat and B-flat together. Hit E-flat, C, E-flat. Go through same cycle with left hand. C, A-flat, E-flat, D-Flat. Repeat right hand three times. For the final part play E-flat and A-flat together. E-flat, G, F, E-flat with D.

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