How To: Play "Last Christmas" by Wham on piano

Play "Last Christmas" by Wham on piano

Come along with David Yzhaki into the musical world of the piano! Learn easily with his step by step directions how to play "Last Christmas" by Wham! The song consists of only four chords. D6Bm7EmAHow to start to play "Last Christmas": Start with D6 (Right hand F#, A, B, D) (Left Hand D) Switch to Bm7 (Which is basically the same chord, only the baseline changes. )Switch to Em (Right Hand G, B, E) (Left Hand E). Switch to A (Right Hand A, C#, E) (Left Hand E). Switch to F#m/D (Right Hand C#, E, B) (Left Hand D). Alternate between F#m/D and BM7. Switch to D/E and Em. Switch to D/A and A. Now play in 4/4 time, by following along with the video. David breaks this song down so well, and guides you through the step by step process of learning to play "Last Christmas" by Wham. Its fun and easy to learn, and you can watch it over and over until you have it down!! So pull up your piano seat, crack your fingers and get playing!!

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