How To: Play "Kelsey" by Metro Station on piano

Play "Kelsey" by Metro Station on piano

In this free video keyboard lesson, you'll learn how to play Metro Station's "Kelsey" on the piano. While this lesson is geared toward beginners, intermediate and advanced players are certain to take something away as well. Watch this tutorial to get started playing "Kelsey" by Metro Station!

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You actually explain the notes ur using I go by notes not chords Im not a beginer cuz I can play like 50 diff songs but I looked all over for this and finally found it Thnxx :D
If I become famous by piano Ill make sure to put in big humungeous letters on the back ur name lmaoo it will be quiet funny but ur a rlly good teacher. :P

this is amazin im a biginer and i learned how to play the song wiht your help

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