How To: Play the Beatles' "Because" on piano

Play the Beatles' "Because" on piano

This video teaches a piano novice how to play the introduction to "Because" by the Beatles, which was written by John Lennon. A close up on the instructor's hands from above demonstrates the fingering for the piece. The view of the fingering is very important, since this video does not teach you how to read sheet music. Instead, it takes you through the rudimentary fingering. You will not need to know what a quarter rest, an eighth note, or a key signature mean. The instructor plays the introduction first, in order to allow the novice to hear the piece. Then, he points to the keys that he will be playing in each section: for example, he points to the middle C#, and he states that 'this is the first note' which is played with the left hand. Then, he shows you the notes that correspond with it in the right hand. This piece is played like "Moonlight Sonata" in reverse, according to the instructor, which he demonstrates.

When you play the C# with the left hand, you will play the C#, G#, C#, and E with your right hand. This will sound familiar to anyone who has heard "Moonlight Sonata". Then, with the left hand, you will play the E. After stroking the E, you will play the G#. Then you will repeat all of the above. Then, the left hand will move to the D#. The Right hand will play the D#, A, C#, and D#. Then, the left hand will play the E, F#, and D#. After this sequence of notes, the right hand will play D#, G#, C, and D#. In this way, you are taken through the entire introduction to the piece. The rest of the song is available in separate videos.

(1) Part 1 of 2 - How to Play the Beatles' "Because" on piano, (2) Part 2 of 2 - How to Play the Beatles' "Because" on piano

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