How To: Learn to play piano with the five-finger exercise

Learn to play piano with the five-finger exercise

This video will show beginners in piano an exercise that will help in building strength and flexibility in the fingers. The exercise is called the five-finger exercise. The narrator in the video begins by showing you how to play with one hand and then both at the same time. The narrator advises to keep your fingers curled and to make sure you hit the keys with the tips of your fingers. To begin, you place your right-hand thumb on the C note. You then play each note from C to G in order and then backwards. The exercise is repeated with the left hand, only this time the pinky finger is placed on C instead of the thumb. As you get more comfortable doing this exercise with both hands, the video narrator suggests that you can proceed and try to play the same exercise with both hands simultaneously. The narrator suggests that you try to do this exercise slowly at first and then faster as you get more comfortable. This exercise will help any aspiring pianist to get on the right track to more advanced piano playing.

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